Hi there, my name is Jacqueline and I am the creator of My Revolution NYC.

Quien soy? Soy una Argentina que tambien es Bolivian, navigating life without papers in the city that never sleeps. By day I work in Higher Ed and by night I lay awake overthinking about how I can make a difference for me and those around me.

I created My Revolution NYC during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic as a way to generate mutual aid funds for immigrants families being separated all across the United States. Reflecting on my personal experiences helped me figure out what I wanted to work on and what kind of platform I needed to build.

The biggest take of way for me as I continue to work on My Revolution NYC is that I can make a difference in someones life regardless of my personal legal status. I think that for a very long time I felt I was limited because I did not have a permanent solution for my status, but as time passed I learn more and more that if not now then when? As immigrants we are more than just a piece of paper saying we belong, and if I can help others see that, then I have truly formed a revolution!

Sincerely yours,